Do you want a fax to email number? You can now get one at no charge in the Kwikwap System. Check Value Added for more information. (This is available to all clients)

Q: How much does the service cost?
To receive faxes is absolutely FREE. When sending faxes, per minute rates apply 

Q: Will Fax2Email slow down our servers?
The faxes are compressed down to a very small size and will not affect your servers 

Q: How secure will my faxes be?
Faxes can�t be intercepted and are encrypted, they�re just as safe as your emails

Q: Once I have signed up for Fax2Email when will I be able to receive faxes on my 086 number?
Following registration, Fax2Email numbers are immediately active 

Q: Is there a limit to the amount of faxes I can receive? 
No not at all, you may receive as many faxes as you like and will remain free 

Q: What happens when I receive two faxes at the same time?
Fax2Email allows you to receive multiple faxes simultaneously and will not give the sender a busy signal

Q: How many Fax2Email numbers do I qualify for? 
As many as you wish!

Q: Will I need any specific hardware or software for Fax2Email to work?
No, there is no new hardware or software required

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